Problemas con la edición de Saw VI

Segun el director de Saw VI, Kevin Greutert dice que están afixiados de trabajo. El editor de video se ha dedicado una semana a los ultimos 10 minutos de la pelicula y por lo visto ha sido duro este trabajo sobre todo porque trabajan con la decepcion de los fans ¿por que? en el foro de "the house of jigsaw" se ve que están desilusionados, con pocos animos en esta nueva entrega. Ademas, provocaron mucho jaleo a la hora de montar la ultima parte de Saw VI, otros departamentos (extranjeros) preguntaban "¿Que narices pasa aquí?" Kevin dice "No puedo esperar que la gente vea la pelicula", piensa que está a la altura de las demas peliculas de Saw y que cada uno a dado un aporte especial... Ahora se les presenta otro problema, Los productores, es un proceso que afecta a cualquier director pero confía en que les guste el trabajo...

Texto Original:

I made Andrew take today off. He looks fine, but he can’t be; the guy has been continually focused on editing this movie for months now, and it’s mind-numbingly complex, and it’s not easy being face to face all day and night with people as unhappy as the folks who live in Jigsaw’s World. Andrew has focused on the last ten minutes of the film for over a week now, and to put it subtly, it’s noisy. Strangers from other companies along the hallway have been coming up to me and asking, “What the hell is going on in there?” By the end of the night my mind is screaming, and I’m sure Andrew’s is as well.

Yesterday we passed a major turning point, and that’s the real reason we’re taking the day off. My confidence went through the roof when we sat and watched our latest work last night, and I couldn’t sleep for a new reason: I can’t wait for people to see the movie. I think it stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of the SAWs, and while I’m the least objective person imaginable when it comes to this, I think we’ve all done something really special.

The next step is showing it to the producers. This is a process that strikes terror in the heart of many directors, and I’m no exception. But if I’m correct, they’re going to be very pleased indeed…

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